The Swedish Nation

What if... HKUers get a chance to know the full image of Sweden?


Swedish is the largest North Germanic language with two countries adopting it as official language - Sweden and Finland. In Sweden, Swedish have many dialects which vary throughout the land, from north to south, but are also easily understandable! Swedish is probably the least difficult language for English speakers, compared to French, German or Dutch!


Swedish TV is more colorful than TVB. TVB knows only about money but SVT and TV4 are television channels which are of authentic quailty and diversity!

In Sweden, we have high-quality news from SVT talking about domestic affairs. As reflected from the news content, Sweden is a peaceful country free from the interference of great powers. Apart from news, Swedish Television channels are also well known for Melodifestivalen, Idol, and other music events.

Of course, for anime fans who also like the Swedish language, behold the best gift of Swedish Television: In 1996, a successful anime series produced in Japan made its way to a Swedish Television channel for the first time ever - dubbed in Swedish! "Förvandla mej!"

For those who like Swedish-produced TV series, Rederiet is your choice!


Unlike the US, Sweden is a real democracy. Without the winner-takes-all electoral college, Sweden's Parliament has 8 parties co-existing in peace and collaborating for the best interests of the Swedish Nation. Of course they may not agree to each other, but I assure you, no parliament drama, only real debates and decisions!


The name Zlatan Ibrahimovic rings many bells in countries. But apart from him and his teammates, there are also great shining stars of Sweden at the Olympics! Mondo Duplantis, Angelica Bengtsson and Sarah Sjöström are three of them.


Easter, Midsummer and Yuletide are three of the most important festivals of Sweden.


From Trelleborg to Kiruna, or from Ystad to Haparanda? All about Sweden's mystical landscape!

Royal Family

The Royal Family makes Sweden unique in the sense that it is the most progressive monarchy in the world. From delegating power to the parliament in 1975 to enacting absolute primogeniture in 1980, Swedish Royals have always been pioneers in world peace, environmentalism and equalitarianism.

A map of HKU, sponsored by Swedish Royal Family

Tired of all the Cantonese-sounding names of HKU Buildings? It's time to give the campus a royal grandeur!